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If you are not considering Geo Thermal Water source AC and heating you are missing the boat! These systems can achieve an efficiency of over 50 seer and qualify for a 30% rebate of the total cost of the installed system. They can also get you the HERO Program rebate of $2,000.00 from the State Of Louisiana. What this means to you is, after rebates you can get a 50 seer system for a little more than you would pay for a 22 seer conventional system. The life span of a Geo Thermal A/C system is 25 plus years because the compressor will never experience a 100 degree day. Ground water in Louisiana is 70 degrees year round so this is the highest temperature that the compressor will ever experience. We have systems installed in the field which are approaching 34 years old and still running with very little maintainance or breakdowns.

We have designed and installed Open and Closed loop systems on the North Shore for 30 Years! We will be happy to bring you to some of our installation locations and explain to you how the systems work. We have designed and installed closed loop systems in wells and also in pond loops in Slidell, Mandeville and Madisonville. Another benefit available with Geo Thermal AC Systems is the hot water recovery option. This factory installed option gives you the opportunity to have a plumber tie in your hot water heater to the Geo Thermal System and supplement the hot water in your your water tank. This further increases the efficiency of the system in the summer because the Freon is sub cooled more than normal which increases the Seer and instead of putting heat back into the earth; it goes into your hot water tank.

What makes these systems so efficient is the fact that the earth can give up and accept heat, using water as the transfer medium, much more efficiently than air. I once heard it explained like this: You will stick your hand in a 400 degree oven to remove a cooking chicken but would you stick your hand in a 400 degree pot of water to retrieve that same chicken? You answered no because air is not a good conductor of heat. Conventional Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps use air as the transfer medium as opposed to Geo Thermal which uses water and the earth as the transfer medium.

We do all of our Geothermal Fuse Welding in house so we know that the job is done correctly and up to our high standards.

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