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We rent Commercial Ice makers and Ice Machines in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Southern Florida We are the Ice Machine Rental Experts!

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Why Lease?

Given the fact that an Ice Maker is like a boat;
It has electrical parts, moving mechanical parts and water all in one enviroment. IT WILL BREAK and need repairs. When they do break the parts are very expensive.

This is why leasing makes sense

We rent and lease commercial Ice Machines from New Iberia Louisiana to Fairhope Alabama. We can set up a commercial Ice Maker lease and deliver the machine to your place of business in just a few days. If you are tired of the high cost of Ice Machine repairs, switch to Ice Machine leasing and the repairs are free. We have been leasing commercial Ice Machines for over 40 years and can handle the Ice Machine delivery, start up and installation. We also can handle refrigeration jobs.
As the summer season approaches, many businesses are looking for ways to keep their customers cool and satisfied with refreshing drinks and snacks. One solution that many are turning to is commercial ice machines, which provide a steady supply of ice for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. However, purchasing a commercial ice machine can be a significant investment, and many businesses are opting for ice machine leasing instead. Ice machine leasing allows businesses to rent an ice machine for a fixed period of time, typically three to five years. This can be a more cost-effective option for businesses that may not have the upfront capital to purchase a machine outright. It can also be a convenient choice for businesses that may not have the space to store a large ice machine or the resources to maintain it. Leasing an ice machine also offers flexibility for businesses that may not need a constant supply of ice year-round. Many leasing companies offer seasonal leasing options, allowing businesses to rent an ice machine only during the busiest months of the year. Another benefit of ice machine leasing is that it often includes regular maintenance and repairs. Many leasing companies have technicians on call to fix any issues with the machine, ensuring that businesses have a reliable supply of ice at all times. While ice machine leasing can be a convenient and cost-effective option for businesses, it's important to do your research and choose a reputable leasing company. Look for companies that offer flexible leasing terms and comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Overall, ice machine leasing is a great option for businesses looking to provide their customers with a steady supply of ice without the upfront cost of purchasing a machine. With the right leasing company, businesses can enjoy all the benefits of a commercial ice machine without the hassle of maintenance and repairs.



We are the Ice Machine rental experts in the New Orleans area, we rent Manitowoc Ice Machines, we rent Scotsman Ice Machines, we rent Kool Aire Ice machines. We rent ice machines in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Low Cost Ice Maker Machines in Louisiana You've come to the right place if you are looking for a low cost commercial ice maker in Louisiana. CommercialIceMakerMachines.com can help you save time and money whether you are looking to buy a used ice machine in Louisiana for a restaurant or bar or you want to lease industrial ice makers in Louisiana for a hotel. Our top priority is that you get the right size ice dispenser machine in Louisiana at the right price. We are committed to providing our Louisiana customers with the best experience and take customer service very seriously, which is why we only provide the very best machines. CommercialIceMakerMachines.com has an extensive inventory of new and used ice maker machines for sale in Louisiana, and we also have other financing options available as well. Types of Ice Makers in Louisiana Tabletop / Countertop Ice Maker Machines Industrial Ice Makers Under Counter Ice Makers Freestanding Ice Maker Machines Outdoor Ice Machines Portable Ice Makers What industries use ice maker machines in Louisiana? You would be surprised how many businesses rely on commercial ice machines in Louisiana for daily operations. Restaurant ice machines in Louisiana, bar ice machines in Louisiana, office ice makers in Louisiana, and hotel ice machines in Louisiana are all very common. Offices, warehouses, food service industries, industrial, manufacturing, educational institutions, retail stores, convenience stores, medical facilities, gyms, health clubs, and spas also rely on them for everyday use. Popular Louisiana Ice Maker Brands Follett Hoshizaki Ice-O-Matic Igloo Kold-Draft Little Giant Manitowoc Scotsman U-Line What Types of Ice Can Machines Make? Cubed ice, shaved ice, nugget ice, flake ice, crushed ice, and pellet ice are the most popular types. Ice machines break down, that’s just a fact, and that’s why smart business owners are wary of ice machine ownership. With Mega Air, you'll be with the best Ice Machine rental company in Louisiana. From the Garden District to Bourbon Street, New Orleans business owners need a hassle-free solution for providing customers and employees with ice machines. The easiest way for you to ensure you never run out of ice is with a Mega Air commercial ice machine rentals New Orleans. We’ve partnered exclusively with Manitowoc for our ice machines because they manufacture the highest quality ice makers. Our ice machine leasing service is affordable and flexible. Traditional leases for ice machines rentals in New Orleans require lengthy contractual commitments and charge you a premium for early termination. Our ice machine rentals have flexible payment terms. We can upgrade your equipment as your business grows. You can’t easily switch out a leased ice machine when you lease or rent your ice machine in New Orleans. New Orleans is home to iconic eateries and tourists want to taste beignets at Cafe du Monde, etouffee at Antoine’s and Banana’s Foster at Commander’s Palace. The Big Easy is a city to eat and drink your way through, and ice machines are an imperative component in food preparation and, of course, cocktails. New Orleans restaurants, jazz clubs, and bars rely on well-performing ice machines for their food and beverage preparation. A Pimm’s Cup (New Orleans favorite) wouldn’t be the same without clean, cold ice. Jazz Fest attendees and Mardi Gras visitors go through a lot of ice. Heat, humidity, and dancing all work up a thirst and guests expect to receive clean, quality ice with every drink. Hotels, country clubs, convenience stores, restaurants and hospitals throughout New Orleans are choosing Mega Air as their ultimate ice machine solution. We have ice dispensers and ice storage bins, and ice machines in New Orleans to fit every need. Our ice machine program is so affordable, nearly any business that needs ice in New Orleans can afford to have a leased ice maker on site! Landscapers, contractors, freight companies and corporate facilities across the country and in Louisiana have ice machines on the property through our cost-effective Ice Machine rentals. Ensuring the ice is always flowing is what we do at Mega Air. Your New Orleans business can’t afford another day without Mega Air Ice Machine rentals!