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BOVA This page on Bosch BOVA systems is in the process of being updated as of 12-15-22 so all information and links may not be 100% accurate or Functional

Mega Air, Inc. is your source for Bosch BOVA systems

Play these videos one at a time to see some actual Bosch BOVA installs To play the video a second time just hit the refresh button on your browser or press F5 and the original videos will reload.

This is Bosch BOVA 3 ton system installation by Mega Air, Inc. in Pearl River, La

This is Bosch BOVA 3 ton system installation by Mega Air, Inc. in Slidell, La

Mega Air, Inc. is your source for Bosch BOVA systems

We are the AC repair experts for Slidell, La!

Bosch BOVA systems have the potential to save you 30% to 60% on your monthly energy bills. Bosch BOVA inverter technology is the next best thing to Geothermal.

The BOVA systems come in two seer ranges the 15 Seer system which will actually achieve over 20 once the lower speeds are factored in and the 20 Seer systems which can achieve over 30

Geothermal Horizontal Loop Let's start with the 20 Seer Bosch BOVA systems

These A/C systems span the tonnage range from 1 ton to 5 tons.

Geothermal Vertical Loop 15 Seer Bosch BOVA systems

These A/C systems also span the tonnage range from 1 ton to 5 tons.

Geothermal Pond Loop Test 1

test 1.

Geothermal Open Loop test 2

test 2.

Key Benefits of a Bosch BOVA with inverter Technology


Lower Operating Costs: Bosch BOVA systems operate more efficiently than ordinary heating and air conditioning systems-30% to 60% more efficient in most cases.


Comfortable: Because the Bosch BOVA system with inverter technology exactly matches the heat load of your home, you are assured of constant, even winter heating and better humidity control in summer.


Safe and Clean:  they can be configured as a Heat Pump, just safe reliable operation year after year.


Flexibility: Because the unit can be configured as a heat pump, you can have a dual fuel set up if you already have a gas system in your home.


Economical Savings due to superior humidity control: Humidity control is half of the battle when it comes to homes in the south.


Attractive: Bova systems are some of the best looking and stylish condensing units.


Environment: Bosch BOVA Heat Pump systems emit no carbon dioxide, which is considered a major contributor to environmental air pollution.


WorryFree In the unlikely event of a service problem, these Bosch BOVA systems are covered by a 10 year parts warranty.


Longevity Bosch BOVA Systems have a long life expectancy due to the face that they don't have to work as hard as a regular system.


Energy Star Compliant Bosch BOVA Systems are Energy Star Compliant.


Bosch BOVA systems control humidity better than most other systems Because the BOVA systems exactally match the heat load of your house they achive longer run times and therefore control humidity better because you don't have the high humidity swings that regular systems have.